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Welcome to UMLBoard's Documentation

UMLBoard is a lightweight graphical UML class designer which gives your diagrams a nice hand-drawn look. It provides a minimalistic and easy-to-use user interface with powerful inline-editing capabilities.
UMLBoard is available for Windows, macOS and Linux (via

First Steps

An excellent place to start, especially if you're new, could be the Getting Started tutorial.

What's new

Check the Release Notes to see what's new in the latest version of UMLBoard.

In-Deep Knowledge

The following sections provide some deeper insights into using some of UMLBoard's features.

  • Classes - An overview of classes and interfaces, the main building blocks of every UML static class diagram.
  • Members - UML types can have a variety of different members. Check this section to get an overview of the available members and how to edit them in UMLBoard.
  • Notes - Improve the readability of your diagram by adding sticky notes with additional information to your diagram.
  • Relations - Connections between types are a central concept of UML class diagrams. See how you can use UMLBoard to create relations between your classes and learn more about relation-specific topics like multiplicity.
  • Groups - Groups are an easy way to visually connect related elements and they can also be used to model UML packages.
  • Settings - An overview of additional settings for image export or automatic diagram layout, among others. Check this section to find out how you can customize UMLBoard for your needs.

Last update: November 4, 2022